A sampling of my formatted Workshops. Pricing is based on venue and size of group. Customization is my key, so we can always adapt according to your specific needs:

Knowing Me, Knowing You” – A 1-day MBTI workshop based on working through the mbti-logo-150x214indicator assessment and the four dichotomies. We then spend some time discussing how each focus pair in the Myers-Briggs indicator impacts the nature and direction of your team in real terms. We call this team dynamics as we look at where you rub and where you bless one another and of course, how you work well together going forward. This is more specific to a team who works together consistently.

“Living Better Together” – screenshot_20190401-123914247121099.jpgA 1 to 2 day workshop that fits a wide range of groups, teams, and families. The goals are to gain clearer understanding of self and responses to stresses, define a communication format that brings respect and dignity to all involved, and create a refined system of responsibility and accountability within your system.

The sky’s the limit...” – A 3-day workshop designed for young adults looking to sharpenSkys the Limit their interpersonal skills and develop the assets needed for entering the workforce. This is ideal for community connection and offering services to those around you.

Mentoring That Works” – This can be split into parts, be used as a series, or a full workshop event. The intent is to train individuals in your organization to take part in hands-on intentional mentorship with the people in their sphere of influence. This is especially beneficial in non-profit settings where volunteerism is essential for the healthy functioning of the organization.

Awkward Conversations Among Friends” – Communication is essential in all sectors of life, but we only take notice of it when it is unhealthy. Let’s change the story! With these workshops I help individuals in a group setting develop respectful conversation and general communication skills to benefit your work environment. This can include conflict resolution or another key need as your focal point for your group, but that is something we would discuss before making any firm plans.

“Telos” or Seasons” – This is designed moreso with the church or organization in mind. Taking stock of where you have been most fruitful and how each segment of time, or ‘season’, has bore fruit in it’s own unique way. This can also be coupled with the next step, discussing the trajectory of the past going forward into the next season. The ‘telos’ version is a longer term endeavour which can be formatted for transitional leadership as you move forward. Either format is designed to help you gain vision and direction.

I offer numerous other options that can be catered to your specific context!


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