Ah yes, another great road trip is about to go into the books. We hit as many awesome sites as possible, lived to tell about it, and want to go home. Our van, like so many others out there, was a little microcosm of reality. Anytime you do life with others, on a team, on a special trip, in a family, the good and the bad come out.

So here are my non-scientifically proven thoughts on a road trip mirroring reality:

  1. Everyone smells. Including you.
  2. Not everyone wants to see Mount Rushmore again. Even if it’s cool.
  3. We all have a say in what places we want to see, but you have to be OK with your spot not always being picked.
  4. Snacks are good, but they do not replace meals.
  5. It is ok to have alone time. You can include putting up with each other’s quirks here.
  6. Not everyone needs to talk all the time. And some people only want to talk to some people sometimes.
  7. We can all go about getting ready the way it suits us, so long as we are all ready to go when it’s time to go.
  8. There are no ‘screw you’s when travelling in a pack. You help, put up with, and learn to resolve conflict. You cannot just let it sit.
  9. We cannot afford every trinket at every roadside attraction. Delayed gratification is best.
  10. The Great Sand Dunes is pretty badass. Dad was right. A good leader walks with all the diverse personalities and helps them get to that place. 

There you have it. Do you have anything to add from your vacation?

(Oh, and the kids ranked the Great Sand Dunes as #1 on the list of attractions for most of the trip.)

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