Sorry folks.

It turns out my research was wrong. The grant I was offering was/is available, but not to non-profit organizations. And guess who I do most of my work with…


So, I’m sending this out again, with a

few corrections. Hopefully we can still work together…

I blogged this last year around this time, and you may have seen it once or twice before. The sentiments from the old blog still ring true, so that is why I am just copy and pasting it right here! I am offering 3 practical workshops that could come to you for FREE or deeply discounted through this program a reasonable price, because I’m a reasonable guy.

If you don’t qualify, contact me anyway and we can chat about options that fit your budget:

  1. The MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) for teams. Learning about self to understand one another on a team.
  2. Living Better Together! I have bragged about this one a few times, and here is your opportunity to check it out on the cheap. MBTI, Communication, and Values.
  3. Telos or Seasons. An interactive and helpful look forward and backward to establish vision and clear direction for your team and organization.


What are the top 2 reasons people give me for not continuing development in their current role?

Time and Money. No surprise there, right?

I cannot make time for you, that is something you will have to make on your own. But I may have found a way to get funding to alleviate the affordability issue. (If you qualify) Check out the link by clicking here for more info on MentorWorks, a government initiative to get businesses and non-profits into training their people. If you qualify, you can be eligible for up to 66% of training costs covered.

Take a look, then contact me about a specific workshop or training/coaching series to submit with the application:


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