What inspires you?

I had the opportunity over the past 2 days to be challenged and encouraged in a variety of ways, from 2 different sources.

First, I was treated to tremendous stories of dedication and sacrifice. Those in mission to20190516_0102461169385653.jpg change lives, bring freedom to others, and relieve the pain of poverty. It is an interesting thing to see a large room full of people silenced by stories of those who chose to give their lives for the sake of others. Not in a moment’s notice, but a willful purpose chosen to help others. The main message? Go. Live with conviction, and act upon it.

You can learn more about Trans Asia Partnership here: http://www.transasiapartnership.org

Second, I had the privilege of sitting with a group of church leaders as we engaged in theAnnotation 2019-05-16 012332 topic: From Surviving to Thriving. The challenge to us was all about learning to feed the soul through intentional practice. If you get a chance to read/hear of any of Ken Shigematsu’s work (www.twitter.com/kenshigematsu), you will be enriched. I also appreciate the work of World Vision Churches (churches.worldvision.ca) and how they seek to supplement the church, and bless leadership.

Gratitude. Silence. Meditation. Great building blocks for spiritually healthy leadership, and all three can be part of your day at no cost.

What stories have inspired you lately?

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