Musings on what I have learnt from being in a family:
Don’t sweat the small stuff;
Forgiveness covers all kinds of wrongs;
No one can cut you deeper than those in your own home;
Appreciation and approval are important things;
Blood runs deep;
Everyone else is normal and my parents are crazy! (Youth reference)

What have you learned by being in a family?

Think about it for a moment and consider one statement that sums it up for you right now. We are built with family in mind. We are part of a lineage. We are a segment of a genealogy. When we look at specific situations or how we handle life, we can often reflect on something we have either inherited or adopted from those who are part of our upbringing. Married, single or otherwise, you are part of a living legacy, like it or not. And here you are, living as a representative of a family system.

Looking back on this recent Father’s Day, considering what I learned from my own father, I can’t help but make the comparison to leadership. I look back to my experience a few weeks ago at Roseau River Bible camp, encouraging and sharing with this group of young leaders before their hectic summer starts. I got to pour into them, and they in turn get to pour into others.

As a group, they operated like family.

That is just what we do when we come together as a group with a mutual cause or purpose. You learn, you grow, you hurt, you lift up. The sooner we realize we are part of something bigger than ourselves, the better we become at having an impact. And we can help others do the same.

Think of one of the ‘families’ you are a part of right now. What does it mean to you?

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