Not everyone does. Figuratively and realistically.

Epiphany is the 12th day of Christmas, you know like the song, and it is traditionally when we celebrate the wise men going to the see the baby Jesus. They were referred to as the ‘magi’; priestly, noble, and scholars. They go on a trip based on ancient texts and a star that shows them the way. They literally have an ‘epiphany’, a revealing of something amazing. Kind of like a light going on.

We celebrate this in many ways through New Years, as we reflect on what we had and look forward to what is ahead. We make promises, and seek a prophetic word. Even if it comes out of our own mouths.

Here is a short piece I included in my Epiphany sermon:

“The beauty of the story is that the Magi tried to give the best they had to compliment the importance of the other. They wanted the gift to match his greatness. They could not do it. They saw the light and knew that what they beheld was greater than anything they could ever give.

The world still seeks the light through the darkness, and when we find it, we would do anything to keep it. To hold it. To share it. It is a mystery, but it is worth pursuing, and becoming a reflection to all who see only darkness.”

No matter where you find yourself this year, be sure to bring light into the darkness. God knows we need it.

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