Are you familiar with that term?

I am thankful for groups like Pioneer Camp Manitoba, who have made me part of their custom. Being a part of various conversations with their staff allows me to speak into their ministry personally. I care about them and their work, because the relationship grows deeper every time we meet. So thank you for your custom!

We often use the word ‘customer’ but the word custom has become disassociated with it. It is still used in this sense in many circles, but many prefer patronage, ‘choosing us’, business, and other things. Believe it or not, these other terms are colder.

Custom basically means habit, as in something you have decided to make a regular part of your life.

So when I thank people for bringing me into their circle for a workshop, coaching, or consulting, I do not refer to them as customers. But I do secretly thank them for their custom. They have made me a part of their life and health, and that is very meaningful.

Myers-Briggs personality sessions, mission and vision discussions, or just help with understanding the next steps on the journey, are all part of the custom.

So until we meet again, thank you for your custom! Just click here and let me know how:

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