“Get rhythm, when you get the blues…” (Johnny Cash)

I thought that might a nice way to start this week. Amidst the antsy discussions on social media, another distressing press conference on CNN, and the fact that it is snowing in the middle of April…again…it looks like we all could use a little Johnny Cash right now. So watch the video, crank up your little laptop speakers, and dance like you are alone at home. Because you most likely are.

Speaking of rhythm, what is yours?

If nothing else is being exposed in our world right now, especially in North America, it is

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the fact that we are a little out of rhythm because of the isolation. Working from home, no school, learning to home-school, planning out our long term grocery shopping plans, etc etc. This is a rhythm most of us do not know how to dance to. That alone can cause some major stress.

So once again I am offering my daily ‘skeleton’ download for you to put to use today. You may already have established a nice rhythm in your home, and you are happy. Then just consider this another tool to put in your belt as you take on the world! Otherwise, treat it like a puzzle, as you examine your own priorities and values throughout a normal day. Is there something to re-evaluate? Now is the time.

If nothing else, taking a moment to reflect in a quiet space might just be a good start to making you a better you in an uncomfortable time. Enjoy!

As always, if you need someone to debrief with or just another face/voice/soul to talk life with, I am available. Just hit the CONTACT button, and let’s chat.

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