Crisis always changes us. Not necessarily in a traumatic way, but in the sense of disruption.

We grow in crisis. Kids become teens, teens become adults, adults grow grey. Each crisis moves us.

Nostalgic dreams kill us. Trying to live the past stops your growth, and hinders how you adapt. Not only are you stagnant, you are not even present. You are literally not even who you were, or how you thought the situation was.

We are now in an entire generation that will be marked by a pandemic. It has required us to all change and reevaluate. Just like every other change that occurs.

Think about what is actually impacting you during the crisis. Why is it a disruption? What are you losing and what are you gaining? What will you grieve? What will you celebrate? Make note of those things. Now consider how you are growing and changing into tomorrow.

You will never be the same. That’s ok. You weren’t going to be anyway. Grow.

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