To clarify, I have said in past posts that change is inevitable. We all know it, we just all have to find ways to deal with it. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s move on to what you wouldn’t change.

So what are some things that have occurred during this pandemic that you wouldn’t change? Maybe there are some changes that you made and now hope to maintain once everyone gets back into a rhythm. Maybe you found something that you didn’t know you had before, or hadn’t noticed before. Whatever it is, are you noticing it and what will you do because you’ve noticed it?

Here is my top five list of things I’ve noticed, and I hope will remain the same or I can maintain:

  1. Better traffic. People moving slower, being respectful, and not getting jammed up to make time. People discovered patience in transit.
  2. Respectful social interaction. In my experience, people were trying to be kind to one another, at stores, at the gas station, waiting in a queue, etc.
  3. Less forced interaction. Not everyone wants to shake hands or hug. It forced to be mindful with the short times we had.
  4. Cut the bloat. Organizations and institutions realized they can’t do things for the sake of maintaining. It caused heartache, but many places realized they could not just have an excessive framework if the framework doesn’t work.
  5. Try, fail, try, fail… Try something else, succeed, rinse, repeat. When no one is the resident expert, everyone gets to experiment new ideas on the fly.

There you have it! Discuss, share your to 5, consider what you know to be true today.

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