Do you remember me asking what you were hoping to hold on to after COVID? It has been a couple of years, so here is the refresher:

Keeping things we value for an extended period of time can be difficult. I see it in churches, in community activity, in families, and of course, in my own life. You start with something that was either forced out of necessity, realized through reflection, or just positively imagined, and there is energy attached. Values are not always based on activity, but the truth is, we say and do based on what we value.

Sometimes they need to be revisited if things seem out of alignment. This can be because we have changed, time has moved us, new experiences, new relationships, new goals… You get the picture. Unfortunately, energy will wane. Those systems which do not take moments to remember and reflect are often simply relying on the energy of the moment to determine whether we remain true to what we value. The loudest voice, the biggest resource need, the flashiest representation, all become the greatest values or most valued in the moment.

When you finally take a step back and ask what we truly value, you might find your lowest priorities are treated as the most important. Unintentionally.

I desire to be intentional, and I think you do too. It takes very little for our attention and energy to be out of alignment because we care about all that we do. Our care without focus becomes of less and less value, because we are not valuing all things at the same level. But the one requiring the most energy, without focus, easily becomes an unintentional highest value. And it will require energy to sustain it as it may not naturally be a core value to all involved.

“Wait! I thought if we weren’t paying attention those values could easily take over!? Putting energy towards something doesn’t sound easy!”

Both are true. When we do not evaluate and take a moment to reflect, we can easily give our space for values to the loudest bidder. We then give energy to maintain things. The same happens with your core values, you just do not feel torn or emptied in upholding them.

So what did you desire to hold onto during lockdown? Was it a value to keep and sustain? Or was it something that refreshed the values you previously held, and it was good to get back to them? If you need more help with this conversation, check out my downloads page and then contact me!

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