Yes, you heard me right, I finally got the opportunity to go through my MBTI assessment with a group via a video platform!

I was a little worried about how I would convey different thoughts and activities for individuals to discover their type, but it came together. It actually forced me to improve on my lesser abilities and habits that come with being in person. From a distance, by camera, and with facemasks on, clarity was the key. Good discussion was had, and plenty of discovery was found. Thanks for letting me join you, Christian ministry students at Canadian Mennonite University!

My hope is that these ministry leaders will be able to use this tool in their personal development, which will then carry into the way they help others grow and discern.

As a reward, to you and the people you come in contact with, I am once again giving away my short workbook on scheduling with vision: 7431.

Yep, just a thank you for following along and hopefully allowing me to help you gain clarity in life and leadership! Fill in the form, just say you want the book for free, and I’ll send the PDF to you:

Send me the free book!

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