Purpose. Joy. Care.

I believe these are the 3 most important hidden desires of anyone involved in teamwork. Any kind of team. Any kind of setting. Think about these questions for a moment:

Do you know why you do what you do?

Do you find joy in what you do?

Do you feel loved in your setting?

People who answer negatively either need to dig deep from within to answer what is missing. Or you are in the wrong place. Or leadership is missing the point.

Try looking at those questions from the perspective of what you bring to others on your team. How does it look?

This is a set of questions I use in walking others to clarity in their life and work. It can be a workshop, a conversation, or a series of Zoom calls. Everyone should go through them at some point, so maybe now is the time for you?

Here’s the chance to set up an appointment and talk. So let’s talk and clarify your answers to the tough questions!

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