Did you notice the new banner and motto? I took a poll this past week, feeling inspired to re-evaluate what best sums up the work I do, and put 3 options out to the world. It came back pretty resoundingly as you see here: Working Better Together!

It fits with helping others, but more importantly, it fits with helping people within their systems and organizations…

Understanding purpose. Harnessing joy. Experiencing care.

Since I gave my resignation there have been many great conversations about what happens next for me. And those great conversations have led to other great conversations about all the cool things people are looking forward to in their own lives! As much as many people dreaded what 2022 could bring to us, there are also plenty of amazing opportunities as well, and people are looking forward.

For most people, especially those who wish for things to go back to ‘normal’, taking a new challenge on can be difficult. That challenge often means saying good-bye to something or closing a door that was once open. Once we take that first step, we challenge ourselves to be open to new enterprises and possibilities. I hope you are all able to look to tomorrow with that in mind.

As I have mentioned numerous times, at least more times than I can think of right now, one of my main services offered is transitional leadership. Some call it the ‘intentional interim’ pastor. The focus is always on a short stay, help getting things on track, and laying the groundwork for a permanent pastor or whatever the church needs to do next. I had the honour of being interviewed by the local Christian radio station, CHVN 95.1, regarding what this looks like. It’s pretty clear cut, so I figured I would send it your way if you would like to learn more:


While I look forward to upcoming conversations on future transitional work and organisational audits, I wish for some of the same for all of you. I hope you are all seeing the opportunities ahead and feeling excitement rather than dread or despair. Work towards hope and be a blessing to the best of your ability!

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