Every once in awhile I like to give a shout out to a good podcast episode.

On a semi-regular basis I listen to the leadership podcast by Andy Stanley. His focus is fairly clear on purpose and servant leadership and is applauded regularly for his ability to put these items into clear terms for others. The episodes below are representative of the type of guests he interviews, and their messages I found to be above the average. Maybe it is because these topics are close to my heart, so the interviews were excellent!

The first is with Frank, the former CEO of Home Depot:

The second, a kind of follow-up to the interview from 2015, was with Carol Tomé, who worked with and was immersed in the culture of Frank Blake at Home Depot. She is now the CEO of UPS:

Have a listen to them, take some notes, and see what you can put to use in your world!

What stood out to me was how much of the language was familiar in the leadership world, but also how much either has its roots in church culture or has gone unnamed in those circles. Both the upside-down pyramid of Home Depot and the idea of building into people are signature of the life in Christ, or the ideal at any rate. Basically, lowering of self to help others be lifted.

So here is a short list that stood out to me while listening today. Comment your list if you have one!

  1. The upside-down pyramid works if you instill the value into everyone, at every level. We serve others to help them succeed, and by doing so we create an environment where everyone looks out for one another.
  2. Be careful with how you treat the pyramid. The original model of the pyramid creates a hierarchy where those below the leader are constantly pressed down. But the same can happen in an upside down world, where people allow the weight to fall on another’s shoulders. Everyone needs to get it.
  3. Write people notes. Let them know they are important. Make encouragement and uplifting normal. I have done this for a LONG time as a pastor, and was surprised at how abnormal it was in other circles. Make it normal to tell people you care about them.
  4. Keep feeding into someone else. Do not assume you are the final stop or where it’s at in your role. Help others succeed and give them every opportunity to do so.

So there you have it! Keep learning, keep inspiring.

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