New Year’s Day

Did you set all of your new year's resolutions? Or are you part of the crowd now saying 'no' to resolutions? Even if you resolve to stay the same, or just be a better person in general, you have set a resolution. Then again, aren't we always setting resolutions for ourselves? We have gone through … Continue reading New Year’s Day

The ‘Boxing Week has got personality’ sale!

Boxing week has personality and so do you! Do you understand how your personality impacts those around you? Sign up this week for an MBTI session in the new year and I'll show you how. (BOXING WEEK HAS PERSONALITY! Sale) Stuck, or not going into the new year, we all need a moment to become our … Continue reading The ‘Boxing Week has got personality’ sale!

Event Planner Personality

Continuing on the theme of productivity in the New Year... Did you take note of how people planned for the parties you went to over the holidays? How about how you planned for these events? What about those attending? It is very interesting to me how uniquely we approach social gatherings and prepare to take … Continue reading Event Planner Personality

New Year’s Resolutions and Your Wishful Thinking

I hate New Year's resolutions. They are the adult equivalent to children sitting on a mall Santa's lap at Christmas. The problem is not so much with the idea of setting realistic goals and establishing what your true hopes are going forward. The issue lies in how you go about it. Most people tend to … Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions and Your Wishful Thinking