Boxing week has personality and so do you! Do you understand how your personality impacts those around you?

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Sign up this week for an MBTI session in the new year and I’ll show you how. (BOXING WEEK HAS PERSONALITY! Sale)

Stuck, or not going into the new year, we all need a moment to become our better selves! And that is my bread and butter…

The MBTI is the tool I use and find extremely helpful for individuals and teams wanting to become their best.

It’s inexpensive, revealing, and opens the door to many healthy conversations.

2018 is the year to give it a try!

This week only: $35 per person!* And that includes the self-scoring assessment! But this is a limited time offer; after December 31 it’s gone!

1 on 1, as a couple, a family, a small group of friends (called a party), or your team at work. I cater and help create the conversation.

Contact me now, and refer me using this post, just let me know that BOXING WEEK HAS PERSONALITY!
*(Limited to within 50 kms of Winnipeg city limits; beyond that travel expenses incur.)

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