Schedule by Subtracting?

Do you like planning and scheduling? For many who are like me, planning and scheduling can be both exciting and nightmarish.  If you are at all in tune with the Myers-Briggs material, much of this is due to that last letter in your profile. I am a slight 'P', which means I lean towards the perceptive … Continue reading Schedule by Subtracting?


Career Development is Storytelling

So last week the Ice Road Truckers were up in Pauingassi, Manitoba. And so was I. (You can find more about IRT here, if this is new to you.)I got to see one up close. Without the TV outlining the truck cab, I just thought it was another truck making another delivery, to another remote … Continue reading Career Development is Storytelling

Change Your Work Culture #teamwork #culture #vision

What is your culture of leadership? What does it look like to be on your team? I enjoyed the video above largely because of this simple statement: Don't get so caught up in vision achievement that the people around you start feeling like equipment. (Rough quote) One of the traps I found myself in as … Continue reading Change Your Work Culture #teamwork #culture #vision

Scheduling Your Values #priorities #values

So last week I asked you about your 'top 5%'... How'd you do? If you are like me, you may have had some difficulty narrowing it down. What are you good at? What do you feel most passionate about? How do you have the greatest impact in any given setting? Much of this can be … Continue reading Scheduling Your Values #priorities #values

What is your top 5%?

Where do you place your highest priorities in life? And how long is that list? A while back I was called to evaluate this list, considering what my next options were in career and vocation. As I tend to be one who spends a lot of time evaluating and introspecting on the healthiest of occasions, … Continue reading What is your top 5%?

Event Planner Personality

Continuing on the theme of productivity in the New Year... Did you take note of how people planned for the parties you went to over the holidays? How about how you planned for these events? What about those attending? It is very interesting to me how uniquely we approach social gatherings and prepare to take … Continue reading Event Planner Personality

Distracted and Still Productive

I am easily distracted. It goes well with my personality type, as I like shiny things and can easily scatter my processes to a final goal. But what is often a positive in this realm can also be a huge negative. Distractions are positive for me, believe it or not, when they are rabbit-trails or … Continue reading Distracted and Still Productive