I love taking assessments! I am also a skeptical person, so maybe I am just trying to find one that is wrong or I enjoy the surprise at the end.

Here’s a great little assessment I found from Harvard Business Review, which aligns very well with the fourth ‘letter’ of your Myers-Briggs type. I am a ‘perceiver’, so it made sense that I was labelled a ‘Visualizer’ when it comes to projects and work scheduling.

If you are not sure what all those letters mean, just contact me and I will shed some light for you.

So, if you have about 5 minutes to spare, take a look at the assessment now:


And if you have even more time, then go to my DOWNLOADS page and take a look at the resources I provide for re-aligning your vision for work and life.

(I offer a few items for free, if you want to take a look at the last couple of blog posts)

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