What does conversion look like in your organization?

We all have them. There are the larger ‘A-ha!’ moments that we all love to experience. Those are easier to recognize and dissect. But the smaller moments of conversion are equally necessary, do not always rock the boat, and may have greater change impact for the future.

I was blessed to be part of a seminar on views on poverty, hosted by World Vision this past week. The key audience? Church leadership. Why? Because if leadership does not change perspective, then the people they walk with have no impetus to do so. It was inspiring and convicting to be part of the conversation on how community needs to be converted in perspective, and it all started with leadership.

So how do you view conversion in your space? Teachability is an amazing trait to own and bestow as a leader. It means we are growing and willing to grow with others in our community.

When it is time for things to change, at some point leaders need to change their minds.

Need help with guiding the conversation on growth? Let’s talk!

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