Another great installment of one of my favourite podcasts for you to listen to: Hidden Brain – You 2.0 “Check Yourself”

Are you into making checklists? You can chalk this up partially to personality, partially to preference, and partially to learned habit. Depending on your job, you may have to be a checklist person, even if you do not naturally go this route in other areas of your life. I know some people who can make a list for everything, and stick to it religiously.

I blogged about this shortly a few weeks back, with the emphasis being on goal-setting. The checklist is more geared towards the accomplishment of a task or project.

I have a love-hate relationship with checklists. I like making them, adding to them, moving them around, and then realizing I wanted to do something different. Then I cheat, and just add new items to the checklist, because there is great pleasure in checking items off the list. So what is the problem with my lists?

They become aspirational goals rather than hard and fast items to complete in sequence.

As you may have heard me mention in and about my book, 7431: How do you order your world?, I have established these lists in my life aimed more towards vision and values, and less about getting individual tasks done. Both are necessary, but depending on your style or preference, you will lean one way or another. This is why I tell people to think of their list more as an expression of their values than a compartmentalized set of rules they must live by.

So what kind of checklist system do you use? Or are you against them all? Try observing a task you do regularly, and see if there is a mental checklist you simply have memorized.

If you are looking for more discussion or help in this area, be sure to check out the book, and/or contact me about coaching or a workshop!

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