“Remember to say thank you!”thank you heart text

“Gratitude is the best attitude!”

“Give thanks with a grateful heart…”

It might be very Canadian of us in general, but today is probably the only day we get to say ‘Thank you!’ too many times without anyone noticing. Canadians on the whole are known for our courtesy, and being receptive to it in return. So much so that we can become passive-aggressive when the right amount is not being shown to us.

As you know, there is nothing quite as awesome as a ‘Thank you’ versus ‘Sorry’ showdown at the mall.

The flipside is that we can allow these words to become a learned habit to the point where they are simply automated, and not requiring a personal response. This is where a common ‘Thank You’ may separate from that great character word: Gratitude. We teach our children to say ‘thank you’ to everyone, even when they begin to notice that many adults around them are not truly grateful. The words can be a salve, but also a mutterance without any personal impetus. A habit that becomes a guise to cover our true feelings.

But you and I know that both are needed to make it show.

If I never say ‘Thank you’ when I feel ungrateful, I will most likely lean into feeling slighted or shorted in life. If I wait for the feeling, I may fall into the trap of not ‘counting my many blessings.’ The act of saying ‘Thank you’ to a person that may have only given 60% effort in the task at hand, can inspire them to do more. And have a better attitude.

Yes, it has been researched. An attitude of gratitude does change one’s outlook. And sharing that attitude with others changes perspectives of those around you.

So if you’re Canadian, have a happy Thanksgiving. And even if you’re not, practice letting your gratitude show. It’s contagious.

Would you like a handy tool for organizing your gratitude?

Download this free resource (part of the 7431: How do you order your world? material) and consider how you envision your purpose coming to life. When you move with purpose, you learn gratitude!

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The 7431 Method

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