“Your boss isn’t paid to see you succeed.”
Really? Interesting view on leadership from a high school grad.

This was part of a valedictory speech at my son’s graduation. It struck me immediately. In this age of collaboration and soft skills training, this young man came away with this insight for his classmates.

Ok, he is partially correct.

If you do not have the self-initative to scale the next mountain in life, you may be stuck in valley. You must take the step in order to move.

But what is your boss’ prerogative on the matter? Well, if that boss wants everything to succeed, then they will want you to succeed. Any boss that expects you to succeed on your own on their watch has completely missed the point. Your successful their success. And if they want you to fail, you are in the wrong spot.

But you have to want them to succeed as well. LIFE (Leadership Is For Everyone) is one of my mottos. You get to lead wherever you are; you just need to accept the challenge.

Oh, and I’m offering my book for free…

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