“Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy”

I used to absolutely hate singing this song in church. It still makes me cringe. But for some reason I’ve been humming it a lot this Advent season.

The song is based on a comparison Jesus makes between the postures of 2 people while praying.

  1. “Thanks for not making me like that guy, Lord!”
  2. “Lord have mercy on me, a sinner!”

More than a slight difference.

My niece and granddaughter.

I think what has hit me this Advent, and has resulted in that one line repeating over and over again, is the way we see people. How we talk to them. How we treat them. How we talk to God about them.

A large part of prayer is admitting weakness and confessing wrongdoing. If I start there, instead of just asking to be even better than I was yesterday, my whole demeanor changes. I am humbled, but not broken. I realize the place of compassion in my dealings. I understand kindness as others need it. I see people who stumble but do not want to remain there.

The same things I desire from others.

This Christmas season, try humble communication. It will change you for the good.

Let me know how I can help you communicate: Contact me!

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