Well folks, I just signed a contract extension with the church I had been leading through transition. I wasn’t planning on it at the beginning, but I think God had a different plan.

It is not forever, as it is an interim role, but it we both felt we needed it. I get to continueIMG_20200626_170953048 working with this fine group of people, and they get to have me help shed light on what their future holds. I continue to lead and guide the conversation, we all remain faithful to what we believe to be God’s will.

It is part-time, which suits us both fine. They are a small church and the budget is obviously a near thought in many conversations. I still have plenty of time to guide others through transitional leadership conversations, coach individuals and teams, and lead groups through workshops like the MBTI personality assessment. (You can click here for more info) On top of that, my material on vision and purpose is still available, and I will continue to add to it! (Go ahead, check it out now)

Over the years, I have had plenty of discussions with other pastors and leaders on this big question: “How long should you stay there?” Sometimes it reads: “Have you stayed too long?”
I heard many say 7 years as a leader is the end.
I heard another group say they are just getting to know you and trust you at 7 years.
I found that at 7 years you realize who will and will not walk with you. And you probably cannot change it.
In a prior church, after the 7 year mark I assumed I was in forever. That was not reality. No matter how hard I would try in the following years. Permanence looks different for different people. It was after 7 years that I realized I may not suited to being the ‘forever’ person in any one place.
Call it the 7 year itch. 7 years is a go-to number for many people. It is either a good place to end, or a place to realize you are growing, and maybe you are just getting started.
You may strive for longevity.
It just may not be where you are or who you are with.
But, just like many things in life that cause you to grow and learn, the only way you will know is if you try!


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