Well, if you are like me you schedule a lot of your life according to the academic calendar. Every church or ministry I have worked with has done so, and it just seems to be the way to do it. School starts, people get serious after summer holidays, harvest is happening or almost complete, time to get into your winter schedule.

Sorry, I know it’s still summer out there, but you and I both know we need to plan for what’s to come.

If you haven’t already checked out my video on reviewing and envisioning ahead, have a look and let me know if it’s helpful to you. And yes, I know, it’s about 2021:

As I embark on another fall with a church asking big questions, I am excited about helping them as a faith community, and their individual ministries, look forward to what might be in store. We all get a little scared planning too far ahead, especially after that season of covid we went through, but I encourage you to look, listen, and dream with hope. Take the 7431 challenge that I outline in the video and put it to use. Dream with those around you, as you look back to what has been, and look forward to what may be.

Taking time to reflect and then begin mapping out your hopes for the days ahead, can help you eliminate what I call, IYKYK syndrome. ‘If you know you’ syndrome assumes we all know everything about what we do, How we do it, and how we think it will be. The expression is used as kind of a inside joke or subtle nod to something, and it could easily apply to much of what we rely on for planning and imagining. And once we find ourselves in this rut, it can be pretty difficult to shift into fresh thinking.

So take on the 7431 challenge, and let me know what new creative outcomes you see ahead!

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