Does change take time?

Yes. The initial decision may take a moment. The realization that something has to give may be quick. The plan may seem like it was nothing to dream up. Everybody said, 'Yes!' But you know there is more to the story. You need to make time and space. Think of it like a spiral, not … Continue reading Does change take time?

To be a Minister of Reconciliation

"Forgiveness is not a decision, it is a process"(DR. CHARLOTTE VANOYEN-WITVLIET) The summer of 2021 has been interesting for all of us. Not quite like 2020 when we were trying to get used to living in a global pandemic, we are now trying to accept when and how it should end. We are all in … Continue reading To be a Minister of Reconciliation

Working through tough answers

Did you ask yourself the 3 tough questions I asked earlier? Or do you prefer your current trajectory? We often choose the current trajectory because it is the one we are on. Not because we have actively chosen it. We may have struggled to achieve at one time, maybe overcame a crisis, and now we … Continue reading Working through tough answers