The initial decision may take a moment.

The realization that something has to give may be quick.

The plan may seem like it was nothing to dream up. Everybody said, ‘Yes!’

But you know there is more to the story. You need to make time and space. Think of it like a spiral, not a linear process, even in unexpected changes.

  1. Tell the story of how you got to this place.
  2. Tell the story again, and let everyone share in it.
  3. When you decide what needs to happen, sit in it, and get comfortable with the discomfort.
  4. Take steps, but be prepared to tell the story again. Sit in each step.
  5. Review the new place and be prepared to tell the story…again.

You may have noticed a common thread in all of this…to keep everyone on the same page, you need to inlcude them in the story. And there is a harsh reality to this story, one we don’t always like to talk about, but it’s still part of the story of change. Here is #6:

As an individual, and as a group, you need to bless those who choose to not continue in your story. Then grieve their departure.

Change is inevitable, but growing through it is a choice.

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