Do people still use the word ‘stoked’? I do. So I am stoked about this week!wp-1489951857622.jpg

I am privileged to be given the opportunity to go to a very rural area and provide them with a youth career development workshop. Each one of those elements is exciting to me, but there is an essence to this that stands out above everything else. You see, a large portion of my past leadership experience was spent working with youth and their volunteers. So when I get a chance to work with youth in a specialized setting on a topic I feel passionate about, I get excited.

Youth represents all three of the values I espouse in Lead Freely, and these are the ones I have been talking about the in the past three posts:

Community. Helping people see their place and need in social dynamics.

Mentorship. The fact we all need to walk with someone to become better in all facets.

Pursuit. We are designed to have a purpose and to walk with passion in this life.

Youth is a perfect picture of these items played out in a realistic and honest format. If you are full of crap, it will show. If you are missing the mark, it will be evident. If we do not walk with them in all three areas as we grow in our own maturity, the effects will be known for a long time ahead.

A career development workshop for youth and young adults is more than just a series of facts we want people to memorize going into the workforce. This is an opportunity to share in the development of strong societal values for a lifetime. We all play a part in that. Otherwise, we set young people up for a disappointing future of seeing individual glory while chasing a paycheque to the grave. We were all designed for more than that.

So yeah, I’m stoked about this week!

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