Businesses and organizations have the most difficulty spending money on the people on the inside.
Funny thing is they have the most difficulty with the relationships between those people, and that costs money.
So it is always a nice experience when I am able to come in and walk with teams of 20170428_140248different sorts that ‘get it’. That ‘it’ is exactly the dichotomy laid out above. Knowing that people need help working together as a team, even in the best of times, otherwise the cost will be high in the end. This is true in small companies, churches, and among athletes. This past week I had the privilege of hanging out with both the staff at Fort Garry Mennonite Brethren Church and the Women’s Basketball team from Trinity Western University.
Having the opportunity to walk people through the Myers-Briggs types (Click here for info on what that means) and seeing their eyes light up as they discuss how they get along is priceless. There is a moment of skepticism as no one wants to be typecast, but that soon dissipates as people encounter some real truths about their social interactions. Individually this is a great experience, but it multiplies as it is applied to the group with which you share an important part of life.
20170425_140143As part of a staff team, you spend an incredible amount of time together. Taking the time to see and acknowledge how you may grate one another is a good thing. But the next level is to see how you also help the people around you, and then how each of you is part of the mix to accomplish a united mission. A-ha moments and new understanding arise.
A sports team, especially one such as the women’s basketball team from Trinity Western20170428_160300 University is similar to above but presents a different mix. Elite athletes who not only live and train together for the school year, but also were part of a selection process to be part of this team, have a seasonal purpose. All that they do is focused on a schedule of games, and for many, may only be a part of their lives for a few short years. They need to get along, understand one another, and help each other to be their best in a competitive arena. The focus is based on a certain aspect of relationship and interaction.
We are all uniquely made and developed in our settings. We want to know that in all we do. But we strive to understand how we fit within the social context we have arrived in. It is a good pursuit, as it helps us do better in all our purposes throughout life.
I am grateful to have been invited into both these settings to assist them in their journey!
If you would like to walk through the Myers-Briggs material as an individual or with a group, just click on the ‘Let’s Talk’ tab on my website!

2 thoughts on “Thank You Fort Garry MB and TWU Women’s Basketball!

  1. Eric conducted a session with our group at the onset of a service project week and it created such rich dialogue and was right on point with our theme of perspective and building authentic relationships. The activities were great and I would encourage any group of people committed to working together effectively to see this as an investment in who they are individually and collectively. Great experience!

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  2. Being a member of the TWU women’s basketball team I learned a lot from the session we had with Eric! The MBTI session we had taught us not only about our own personalities but about the personalities of our teammates! I really think that our session with Eric is going to help our team grow on and off the court for our upcoming season!

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