Warning: This post contains free content to help you organize and de-stress. If you don’t want that in your life, you may be disappointed! (Or you can just scroll to the bottom to get the download)

I am not one for rigid routines. So it may surprise you that I still talk to people about how to organize their days.

There is an incredible sense of health and clarity that comes out of working through


your day with a sense of meaning. When I struggled heavily through burnout and the anxiety surrounding it, one of the first things my doctor prescribed was a ‘skeleton’. A basic rhythm of things necessary for my mind and body to work well together, on which other items could grow as they should. Without the ‘skeleton’, the body falls apart and awaits death. Sounds harsh, but it is the reality. Eating, sleeping, moving, thinking, dreaming, working… all elements of the skeleton that need to be holding together in an orderly manner for life to thrive.

I hold to my skeleton true to my personality, with a measure of fluidity. But I know when I stress, I begin to flop around and loose track of time. That is a little dramatic, but you probably know the feeling.

7431 book cover82349843..jpg

This is part of where my book and method came to life. You can check it out here.

A method, and a system that can be adapted to the way you do life, no matter what that may entail. 7 days in a week, 4 weeks in a month, 3 months in a term, and 1 year of vision. It is a form of skeleton beyond the moment and helps me incredibly for seeing with clarity through the year, which alleviates stress in the moment, and creates a base for me to work with as I look to the future.

Skeleton banner.png

So how do you schedule your day?

I have a few insights from the book and the workshop that I would like to pass on to you! If you could use a little help in this area, or would like another piece to go with the book, or maybe you are just kicking the tires on whether to buy the book, then just fill in the information below and I will send you a copy!

I call it My Daily Skeleton, and I hope it is helpful to your ‘skeleton’!

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