Well, I try to.

This new year I wanted to find ways to incorporate some of the tools I share about in even more practical ways. The one I talk about the most is the 7-4-3-1 method. I talk about setting a vision more than just setting goals. In the process, you discern what you hope you accomplish each week, because it fits into your vision or hope for the year.

Ultimately, you train yourself to develop a ‘daily skeleton‘, both written and unwritten.

This year I applied it to my finances. Something which easily gets away on me. So my current practice has all expenses calculated immediately so I can see where I’m heading before the month, quarter, or year are complete.

Today. 7 days. 4 weeks. 3 months. 1 year. Keep it simple.

If you haven’t checked out the resource, have a look know! (Click below)

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