Last week was great for all the wonderful opportunities I had to walk with others in their leadership settings!

An MBTI workshop with young volunteers (Which I blogged about last week), a board discerning vision going forward, and a church leadership group discussing values and mission.

I love each of those scenarios for a few 20180419_205033different reasons, of which I will expand below; but the one which strikes me every time? I am welcomed into a trusted community to ask tough questions and bring form of enlightenment. I am one who speaks ad nauseam about developing/finding/creating/fostering community, so when I am welcomed in from the outside I am honoured.

Thank you to McDermot Avenue Baptist and Jubilee Mennonite for welcoming me in and showing transparency in your conversations! I was blessed.

How do I evaluate when a group feels comfortable with me?

20180421_102350Well, maybe when a participant walks up to the front and puts a name tag on your chest that reads, “The Jerk”? It was in good faith, someone I knew from before, and brought about a great relaxing laugh from the group. I stated something boldly near the end of the workshop, and that was the response. I loved it, and wish I had taken a selfie for this blogpost!

Churches, and I venture to say most community driven organizations, can really struggle to name barriers in their conversations and move forward with resolve. So being called ‘The Jerk’ for that moment was freeing for everyone!

So here are a few items to consider when having conversation in comfort as a community:

  1. Be honest.
  2. Allow for honesty.
  3. Be transparent.
  4. Allow for transparency.
  5. Let mercy rule and be gracious in walking with others.

And when you need help moving forward, ask for it. There is always room for improvement and growth in community, so create a pathway to making that happen.


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