Some people just see a wall, while others see what used to be a door and a window.

We all approach life differently. We can be categorized, put into groups by type, where


our similar likes, strengths, and preferences align us, but that is not our total self. How I set out to take on a task may be similar to another person, but not exactly the same. I can complete a project in a similar timeline, but not reach the finish line with the precise result as someone like me. Even in relaxation, I may say I enjoy kicking back using the same components as others, but we arrange them differently.

We are created uniquely, even though we are so similar.

What makes you feel like you just had a cup of coffee-

Motivation can play a large role in most any scenario that requires us to get out of bed in the morning. Even the way we get out of bed in the morning says something about how we are motivated; how we organize those first thoughts of the day and take action in a conscious state. Motivation is key to the way we do life. In a very broad sense, we are either motivated internally or externally. The difference is important to note in how you set out to accomplish anything, and who you work with to make things happen.

Internal: You do not need to be prompted on many things, you are inspired from within, imagine outcomes and get excited about how the process could unfold. For some, an externally imposed timeline may not encourage you to go forward because you just want to take on the adventure. Group work may not inspire you, but you can add a lot to how groups work.

External: You may need to see part of the prize in order to understand why you are working towards it. Prompts and small rewards along the way are important, and without them you may hit the ‘snooze’ button a few times. Inspiration comes through seeing the process and how others can bring outcomes to life.

When I discuss motivation I do not like to talk about ‘bosses’ and coming up with a list of immediate ‘goals’. Partly this is due to the type of person that I am, but also because regardless of the type of person, I believe we are designed to be empowered people who learn to self-lead in community. But how we go about it is different.

So, how are you motivated?

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