So how are you motivated?

I recently posted about the 2 separate worlds of motivation for each person. These are about as minimal as they come, and are largely based on your personality: Internal and External. One person is driven from within and has an outcome in mind to which they are striving without prompting from anywhere else. The next person needs a goal or a reminder or a plan set out by someone else or by a set of circumstances in order to desire to move forward. Neither is bad, it is only helpful to understand why you move when you do.
Frankl happiness
I love this quote. I find it inspirational. It helps me define meaning in what I do, regardless of what I am doing. It motivates me. But the same cannot be said for everyone. This quote came at a specific time in my life, as I redefined myself through struggle, being reformed into a consistently growing understanding of what it means to lead freely. Freedom from within, not by the hands of another. A person who is healthy and driven in nature would disagree with the sentiment of the quote. OF COURSE YOU HAVE TO CARE ABOUT HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS!
We both care about it, just in a different way.
I see motivation occurring in 3 different arenas of self and purpose, beyond the individual drive of internal or external, exhibited in how you approach each project in your life:
  1. Doing or Being
  2. Things or People
  3. Telling or Listening
They are each fairly self-explanatory, and neither end of the spectrum is wrong. It is just what we keep in at the forefront when we encounter a goal or objective. I will unpack this a little more in the coming weeks, but for now, try identifying for yourself how you approach situations based on those key arenas.
Need more insight into your life and work? Contact me, and let’s discuss options for coaching and development!

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