This book has literally been staring

me down for the past 3 years. Given the current set of circumstances, it felt like a good time to crack it open.

I am also preparing to preach for Trinity Sunday. It’s the week after all of the Easter stuff is done, and we talked about the amazing mystery I’ve God being three persons in one. In harmony, together, unique, but same. And this becomes the template for all humanity being created in his image going forward. Somehow living that part out is harder than it appears on paper.

This is where hope becomes audacious. When we desire and work towards the ideal, right in the face of painful reality.

As bearers of the image of God, we so often miss the mark. And racial inequality in these times exposes that fact glaringly. We must do better.

Be audacious in your hope.

Listen to those who are hurt.

Do justly.

Love mercy.

Walk humbly.

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