Are you ready for Summer!? I am loving the warm weather and the potential for a no mask season in the near future. Going maskless might feel a little… Normal?

We all look forward to going back to normal, but are we prepared for what that normal will be like? I hate the term ‘new normal’, but in many ways that is what we are looking at around the corner. How we interact with people around us, the work we do, and what it means to gather, have all undergone a shift. A large part of that shift is due to moving meetings to a digital space, and then the limited physical space we occupy, and of course, the fear of a pandemic. There will be a period of adjustment that will simply alter the way we do life. For many, there is a new discussion of continuing the work from home trend, making it a reality. For others, there is the thought of getting reacquainted with social boundaries, some new, some restored.

Resilience will be the key as we learn and adapt to life going forward!

Part of the adjustment to life may be discussing new objectives and personal assessment. This is just a reminder that you can take advantage of my coaching special this summer! Or, pass it on to someone who could put it to use. Click the link, and let’s get started:

And if you have not read my latest post on evaluating your purpose, take a gander. It may be a good spot to start on our coaching discussion:

And yes, the MentorWorks program is still available in Canada. That means free training, coaching, and workshops for paid staff!

I look forward to hearing stories of an awesome Summer ahead, so play safe!

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