Do you take the time to review the impact you have had on the lives of others?

In the midst of all the daily habits we take on, we occasionally forget the human element. Not just the tactics or items on the ‘to do’ list that involve select people. I personally lose sight of the faces which have impacted me or I have built up when I get busy. Or rather, when I replace people impact with the tasks needed to fulfill a goal.

Do you fall into the same trap? I think we all do at some point.

When I created Lead Freely, one of my key desires was to continue doing what inspiredScreenshot_20170917-230841 me as a leader for the last 20 years. I want others to be better, more inspired, and more purposeful, because of the conversations and direction I offer them. When I am stressed out, I forget this, just as I did as a leader in an organization. I want you as a person, regardless of your level of influence in your unique setting, to feel inspired to do what you were designed to do. And that means being who you are meant to be.

Do you remember the people that fed into your life?

People who have an impact on us are important to remember. Even if there are some negative moments in that mix, you became who are because of them. They helped shape your decisions and your focus in life. Sometimes that list is what gets me going in the morning. Those voices speak into my low moments and feed me when I consider my purpose going forward.

I recently met with a person who I had the opportunity to mentor a number of years ago. Those meetings are few and far between these days, so they seem to be divinely set for me as a reminder of my impact. As I visited with her and her young family I suddenly recalled that this day was the anniversary of my first day with the church and ministry where we met, 13 years ago. The conversation did not have to include any key moments or thoughts from my teaching or direction. The relationship and welcome into their life was a reminder of many good conversations past.

I hope you are inspired to inspire others, even in those moments that seem by chance and unimportant. Those are usually the big ones. I would love to help you in finding those moments. In fact, I love having those conversations which bring clarity to your life and purpose. That is why I create moments like the So What’s Next??? coaching meetups for young adults. To help them see their purpose, and tap into the people that can help them fulfil it.

Do you need to discover your impact in this life? Let’s talk, and see where your inspiration lies!

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