I had the privilege of joining some of the ministry leaders of Jubilee Church for a day at the cottage this past weekend, and I felt blessed for it!20170909_091834

There is nothing quite like being in the beauty of creation with folks who desire to listen for clarity in their vision. For me it is like I am participating in two distinct settings at once; the sacred space created outside the norm, where we gathered; and the invitation to join the group in the context they call home. The conversations are special because I have permission as a guest in their unique space, to join them on their journey, and ask questions that illuminate the path forward. So thank you Jubilee for letting me be part of your circle for the day!

20170909_094401Listening is a beautiful thing. It shows a place of respect to the one being heard, which in turn can be a foundation for trust. If we are not heard, we do not trust. Being heard empowers us to speak more openly and in turn create more space for conversation. The cycle continues from there, allowing depth to build on depth.

Listening requires vulnerability. We risk a piece of our heart anytime we allow another into our sacred space. If a person “dirties the floor” (Ghandi) in our mind, we are less likely to bring them into that place of depth. When we choose to move beyond hurt to walk with another to a new place of understanding, we choose vulnerability for the sake of community.20170909_094518

Listening can bring us to a new place. Often times when we listen to another in community we end up in a place we could not imagine alone. Individualism takes so many forms today, destroying our deep inner need for one another, and this is no less true in our hearing. When we hear someone else, we open the door for our being heard, and in turn create space for direction together. This is so often where vision and purpose are given life in our groups and communities.20170909_113035

I love being in a position where I can aid others in their listening space, helping them find new direction and a clarified vision for the future. Contact me for more details on how I can help your team or organization in this process!

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