I love this commercial. Occasionally I do watch them, and on occasion, someone gets it right in the marketing department. Marriott did good here.

So are you good at being human?

We like to blame everyone else for our problems and inabilities throughout the day, but that is largely because we do not like looking at ourselves. Seeing the ugliness of your run of the mill, commonplace, everyday kind of evil in our actions and words is uncomfortable to say the least. So it is easier to make it a ‘them’ problem. We can take this to the point where we fear the reactions of others, reading our own issues into the people around us. They act ugly, and in some way, it reminds us of us.

Being human is not a condition. It is a work in progress.

Fear. Shame. Insecurity. Pain. Doubt. Worry. Imbalance. Frustration. etc. etc. These are common to all of us, and they bleed out into all that we do and say. They make bullies, bring out the inner moron, and at the very least, make us blush when we don’t want to. When we mirror these things into our outer world and expect something better, we are in trouble. We create a prison for each other, and ignore the key in our hands.

Freedom, true freedom, shows itself in any given situation, at the most inconvenient of times. When we choose to disallow those urges to fester, instead seek out why we would ever go there, we begin a good work. The security that comes from realizing we were designed to shape the world within our reach, even if it resists, is amazing. It starts in my own skin and becomes contagious. To speak out where little bits of evil surface in daylight, takes courage and dispels fear. No more so than in the one speaking.

Humans being humans for the sake of humanity? That may need to go on a T-shirt.

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