You may have noticed this title before. It’s the name of the workshop I facilitated in 2 communities this past month.

And I think it’s pretty awesome, but I may be biased.

As the tagline suggests, it’s all about helping people develop healthy relationships within their families. I would extend that to all levels of our social lives; work, teams, dorms, etc, etc. Even individuals who recognize a need to improve on their personal people skills benefit from such a workshop. At the end of the day, this skill set is something on which we can always improve, no matter how good we think we are doing.

So what do I include in the material?

  1. MBTI – The classic personality type assessment to help understand your self.
  2. Communication – How well do you communicate with those in your circle?
  3. Conflict Transformation – Wherever 2 or more are gathered there will be conflict… So what are you doing with it?
  4. Values & Boundaries – Affirming or reaffirming the values you hold and the boundaries you need to live by them.

It is all simple stuff, but it’s all stuff we can work on.

So there you have it, a brief rundown on what these workshops are about. And I happen to have material on hand if you are interested 😊

If you believe this workshop might be right for you and your family or group, get in touch!

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